Densmore Does Bookkeeping is focused on providing high-quality bookkeeping service and customer satisfaction.

A bad bookkeeping system is identified as a major factor in business failure. This can be avoided!

A business is legally responsible to keep their financial records in order.
You can be audited at any time.

Do these scenarios seem all to familiar?

  1. My receipts are in a pile somewhere.
  2. I am paying late fees.
  3. I need to make a decision, where are my financial statements?
  4. Bookkeeping takes too long to do.
  5. I am sure I paid that bill but I cannot find the receipt.
  6. I thought I had more money in the bank, where are my statements.
  7. I am paying late fees, penalties and extra interest.
  8. I need a loan, the bank wants to see my books.
  9. My accountant says my books are a mess and it will take a week to fix them.
  10. It’s tax time..

You are wise to hire Densmore Does Bookkeeping because:

  • You will have more time to focus on your business
  • We are experts with paperwork and financial aspects.
  • We stay current with accounting practises and standards.
  • You save money and headaches at tax time.
  • We know tax laws and find tax breaks you may miss.
  • Bookkeeping is our area of expertise.
  • You can trust that your books are done right.

We put the money back in your pocket!

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